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The first is segmentation.
This is not preparation for marketing as a whole market, but preparation for narrowing down to a part of it. Of course, you are free to think that you want all Japanese to be your customers, but no one will buy the same product from the moment, and you have to shift from mass market to niche market shopping.

Therefore, we will conduct market research from various angles, reveal them in the form of users and buyers, and clarify them. It looks like you're looking for a cut.

The following four are used as variables used for segmentation. It is "Demographic Variables", "Geographic Variables", "Psychographic Variables", "Behavialal Variables".

"Demographic" (I think that there are many people who have heard as words, but it is a method to classify by attribute factors such as age, gender, occupation, etc.). In addition, “Geographic” is classified by geographical factors such as residence, and “Psychographic” is classified by psychological factors such as hobbies. ""Business plan""
The last "action variable" is a standard for classifying customers by purchasing conditions, usage frequency, purchasing motives, purchasing patterns, etc., based on the buyer's knowledge and attitude toward the product.

Even if we live casually, there are various features.
For example, grouping according to the needs of customers in the market from various perspectives, such as “a man of 30s living in Tokyo, interested in overseas football, and currently participating in WOWOW” Segmenting the market is segmentation.


The next thing to do is targeting.
As a result of segmentation, it refers to selecting the segment that the company should enter, that is, clarifying the target. dental

When selecting a target, it is important to select a segment that you can leverage your strengths or that you do not have competitors ( called " مشاوره مدیریت ").
Although the size of the target depends on the size of the company, etc., it is generally recommended that around 20% of the market as a guide.
However, the size is not something that can be considered. Think about the value your company can offer and where the needs your customers want match. As a result, if the scale has become too small, it will need to be reconsidered.

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